At Campion School we have high standards and high expectations.  The key aspect of our approach to behaviour and discipline is that we expect students to take responsibility for their own actions and to treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves.

Students have the right to be taught in a positive and safe environment where their efforts and achievements are recognised and rewarded.  Staff have the right to establish and maintain a safe and ordered learning environment.  They have the right to expect appropriate behaviour.  Staff and students have a responsibility to work within the agreed system of rules, rewards and consequences. Disruption free learning is our mantra.

Basic classroom rules

These are displayed in every teaching area to reinforce our expectations of positive behaviour:

·         Always follow instructions the first time
·         Arrive on time, with the right equipment, ready to learn
·         Keep hands, feet and unkind comments to yourself
·         Listen carefully when others are speaking
·         Always do your best and allow others to do their best

I have the right to teach.  You have the right to learn.


We believe that praise is more important in motivating students and more effective than blame .

The great majority of our students behave well and their work is recognised through our very positive rewards system:

·         Achievement Points are awarded for work ‘above and beyond’ the standard curriculum
·         Emails home
·         Campion Headteacher awards
·         Praise cards sent home by Campion staff for effort and work of merit
·         A variety of prizes, vouchers and tickets
·         Trips out of school

If the classroom rules are broken, the students will face consequences for inappropriate or poor behaviour.


If a student has failed to follow a teacher’s initial instructions then the principle of Warn/ Move/ Remove is followed:

1st Warning

A formal verbal warning will be given to the student.

2nd Warning

The relevant incident will be put on Arbor and a C20 detention issued as the student is asked to stand outside briefly OR moved seats within the classroom.

3rd Warning

The student will be removed from the room and sent to the Remove room, using the ’on-call’ system as appropriate.  A C60 after school detention will be issued for either the same or following day.

A C60 detention will be set if a student fails to attend either a C10 or C20 or if a member of staff deems the incident serious enough. A C60 after school detention will be issued for more serious incidents. Students who do not turn up for a C3 on a Tuesday will be expected to sit in Internal reflection as a follow up.


·         You always have the choice to return to work.
·         You are responsible for your behaviour.
·         All Incidents are recorded on the school database.
·         Parents/carers can access behaviour logs on Arbor

Incidents of extreme behaviour can still result in a fixed-term suspension as an immediate sanction.

Alternative sanctions include

·         One or more days in Internal reflection with alternate school hours and no contact with other students
·         Alternative provision
·         Permanent exclusion