Exclusion Policy

Use of exclusion

Under the law, the Headteacher, Governing Body, LA and independent appeals panel must have regard to the relevant DCSF guidance when deciding:

·    whether to exclude a student or (where applicable) to uphold an exclusion;

·    the period of exclusion;

·    (Where applicable) whether to direct the Headteacher to reinstate an excluded student.

The Governing Body and Headteacher of Campion School and Language College are responsible for promoting good behaviour and discipline on the part of the school’s students and for securing an orderly and safe environment for students and staff.

The school’s response to challenging and disruptive behaviour will be made in the context of the behaviour policy, and will encompass a range of strategies, with exclusion as one option. The school will ensure that the interests of the whole school are considered within any action taken.

Deciding whether to exclude a student

Only the Headteacher or, in his or her absence, a Deputy Headteacher acting with his or her authority, can exclude a student from school. A decision to exclude a student will be taken only:

·    in response to serious breaches of the school’s discipline policy, and

·    if allowing the student to remain in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of the student or others in the school.

The decision to exclude a student is a matter of judgement for the Headteacher, who will take into account the likely impact of the misconduct on the life of the school.

Before reaching a decision to exclude either permanently or for a fixed period, the Headteacher will:

·    consider all the relevant facts and such evidence as may be available to support the allegations made, taking into account the school’s behaviour and equal opportunities policies;

·    allow the student to give his or her version of events;

·    check whether the incident may have been provoked, for example by racial or sexual harassment;

·     if necessary, consult others, being careful not to involve anyone who may have a role in any statutory review of his or her decision, for example, members of the governing body’s Discipline Committee.

Permanent Exclusions

Permanent exclusions will normally be used only as a last resort when a range of other strategies has been exhausted.

In exceptional circumstances, the Headteacher might consider it appropriate to permanently exclude a child for a first or one-off offence. Such circumstances might include:

·    serious actual or threatened violence against another student or member of staff;

·    sexual abuse or assault;

·    supplying an illegal drug;

·    carrying an offensive weapon.

If the exclusion is a permanent one, the responsibility for providing education from Day 6 following the Headteacher’s decision falls to the Local Authority who will provide the education through the Complementary Education Service. Placement with that Service in no way affects the parents’ or carers’ rights to make representations about the exclusion to the Governing Body or the Independent Appeal Panel within the DCFS prescribed time scales.

Fixed term exclusion

Under the provisions of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 and following the recommendations of the Steer Report on school behaviour and discipline, the school is required to provide suitable full time education from the 6th day onwards for students who have been given a fixed period exclusion of six days or more.

Arrangements are in place with the SWAN Heads regarding Exclusions beyond 5 days, if so required.

The school must inform parents or carers of their responsibility to ensure that their child is not present in a public place in school hours during the first five days of any fixed period exclusion. The school will set work for the student to complete during their exclusion, but the responsibility for supervision rests with the parent or carer.

All exclusions totalling more than 15 days in any one term, or where the exclusion would involve the loss of opportunity to take public examinations, must be referred to the governors’ Discipline Committee which has the power to direct the Headteacher to reinstate.


A reintegration meeting following the expiry of a fixed period exclusion will be arranged by the school prior to a student returning from a period of exclusion and in the case of any student who has been excluded from another school. 

The meeting will identify the resources needed to provide the necessary support to the student.

Informing parents/carers

The Headteacher will inform the parent/carer of the period of the exclusion (it may not run for an indefinite period) and the reasons for it. The parent/carer has the right to make representations about the exclusion to the Discipline Committee.

Where a parent/carer refuses to comply with the terms of an exclusion, the school may notify the Social Services Department and the police if, in the Headteacher’s view, the child or any other person may be at risk as a result of a failure to meet the terms of the exclusion.

Other considerations

The school will implement its behaviour policy with due regard to the implications arising from the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, the Human Rights Act 1998, Equality Act 2010, Behaviour and Discipline in Schools July 2013 and any other relevant legislation.