Anti Bullying

Anti-Bullying Policy - Summary for Parents/Carers

No school is immune from bullying and no school should be complacent. If bullying occurs at Campion it is vitally important that all of us should know what action to take. We have produced three guides to deal with any occurrence: one for parents, one for staff (who all have a copy) and one for students written in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Please read your guide carefully and act on it if necessary. Staff at Campion recognise bullying behaviour as all forms of physical and psychological abuse systematically directed at victims who find this hurtful. We take responsibility for helping all students to understand what bullying is and the harm it can do. We believe that adults can set an example in their own behaviour. We hope that the ethos of the school will help to instill mutual respect and civilised behaviour. 

We recognise that in our preventative approach to bullying we should provide students with the opportunity to discuss the topic through form tutor periods and assemblies. We will also ensure that every student knows where, when and to whom they can talk about any bullying incidents. This may be staff at school or parents at home. Students must feel confident that talking to adults is the proper course of action if they witness or experience bullying.

If you discover that your child is being bullied do not encourage him or her to 'hit back'. It may be contrary to your child's nature and may be just what the bully wants. Emphasise to your child that there is nothing wrong with him or her and that he or she can be helped.  Contact the School. Incidents of bullying should be immediately referred to the Year Manager. Senior staff may then be called in to help. Although the nature of the response will depend on the circumstances, we have a standard procedure to follow which does not necessarily involve punishment in the first instance. Staff are experienced and use tact and discretion in their follow-up. We are also a Restorative school and will use Restorative solutions where possible.

The whole school community (parents, students, teaching and support staff) has a role to play in combating bullying. All students should be aware that there is no such thing as an innocent bystander and the school neither condones nor ignores bullying, while all adults should be familiar with this policy to avoid inappropriate action being taken. We should all be committed to ensuring that every student receives his or her education in a safe environment free from humiliation, oppression or harassment. We are also a school that encourages “whistleblowing” when it comes to bullying and that the “no snitch/grass” view from students is not tolerated.

Please refer to the full policy for more detailed information.