Welcome to Sixth Form


The core values of Campion School drive everything we do in Sixth Form. We believe that everyone should have the chance to ‘create brilliant futures’ and the values below guide us to enable our students to achieve their best. We also believe that during Sixth Form, students should be given the chance to develop into young adults ready for challenges that lie ahead, whether that is going to university, taking a gap year, embarking on an apprenticeship or moving into the world of work.



Students receive quality teaching and excellent pastoral support that leads them to achieve their potential.

Students are challenged and supported to achieve ambitious targets.


We support all students and equip them with the tools to show grit, curiosity, resilience, optimism and gratitude in all they do.


All students are offered an enhanced curriculum opportunity.

Students have high expectations that can only be met through hard work and determination in all aspects of school life.

Students are fully supported by tutors in their UCAS applications and careers. The extensive academic choices, vocational and blended pathways and our results mean we have students from outside Campion join us at this stage of their education. External applicants are fully embraced, by staff and students, during this transition.