Bus Code of Conduct


1st September 2024


Dear Parent/Carer

Bus Code of Conduct

I am writing with regard to our code of conduct for students travelling on the school buses. The vast majority of our students travel by bus in a calm, safe and sensible manner. However a small minority choose to disrupt the safe travel of children and the driver with silly and inappropriate behaviour. The following sanction policy of “4 strikes” remains in force:

1st incident reported on the bus-C2 lunchtime detention

2nd incident reported on the bus-1 day removal of travel

3rd incident reported on the bus-1 week travel ban

4th or subsequent incidents reported on the bus-indefinite ban.

I would ask that you share the following basic guidance for safe travel on the bus with your child:

  1. Stay seated and wear a seat belt if one provided
  2. Do not throw any item on the bus
  3. Do not shout out of windows or across the bus
  4. Ensure you follow the directions of the bus driver for your own safety.
  5. Remember that your conduct on the bus reflects on you and the school.
  6. Can we also add that bus passes need to be available every morning and evening.  

Thank you very much for your support in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Taylor

Senior Deputy Headteacher