Headteacher’s Welcome

Creating Brilliant Futures


It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and to our school. As Headteacher of Campion I am incredibly proud of our staff and students.  Daily as I walk around the school I observe enthusiastic teachers fully committed to providing rich learning experiences for our children.  I see keen learners working hard to do their very best.  Visitors to our school comment on how well our students interact with each other and staff, which creates a purposeful, calm yet friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which students have full opportunity to fulfil their potential.

“Campion is a Good school”
November 2021
Ofsted confirms Campion’s exceptional progress 

We are delighted with the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection (November 2021).  Graded Good in all areas including Sixth Form, the inspection team commented on the exceptional progress made by the school in achieving such high standards throughout the school. 

Inspectors reported that “Staff at Campion have high expectations of all pupils at the school including those in the Sixth Form.  There is an ambition that all pupils can achieve academically.  As suggested by the school’s hashtag, pupils and staff are proud to be Campion.”

While there was praise for the whole school, the Sixth Form was, said the Inspectors, especially impressive “Sixth Form students show high levels of maturity and independence.  They play an active part in the school.  A very high proportion of these students go to their first choice university.”

Inspectors reported that “Pupils behave well in lessons.  There are good relationships between staff and pupils.  Pupils can talk to staff with ease and pupils say they feel safe at school.  Older pupils and staff agree that this school has improved significantly in the last few years.  They value the culture and environment that leaders have created.  This is helping pupils learn.”  The feedback from the Ofsted parent survey told us that they were very happy too.

Trustees and the Leadership Team were particularly delighted that inspectors acknowledged the significant pace of change and improvement for the provision of our SEN pupils.  Inspectors reported “Leaders have improved the provision for pupils with SEN needs and/or disabilities. Pupils with SEND can access the full curriculum and achieve as well as their peers.  A new leader has been appointed to further strengthen SEND provision”. 

Leaders of the school have responded quickly to the gaps that had developed in children’s reading due to the pandemic and this was acknowledged by the inspectors.  Inspectors reported “Reading has been prioritised and the school is developing a love of reading and those students at the early stages of reading gain phonics knowledge and comprehension skills to give them the foundation for future learning.”

Our vision is to Create Brilliant Futures for all our children and in doing so develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to become great global citizens.  We do this by setting high expectations of each other combined with excellent learning experiences delivered in a caring environment where all will be challenged to stretch their boundaries and achieve more than they thought possible.  Our three values are at the core of all we do.


Exam results matter.  We understand this and encourage all students to aspire to success.  That said we strongly believe that the journey is as important as the destination and prepare every student for their next steps whether that be university, college or apprenticeship with the habits of independent learning and critically a love of learning.

We are committed to providing a safe learning environment through our well planned assembly, tutor and PSHCE programmes, fostering respect for individuality and differences.  Well resourced pastoral care nurtures physical and mental health and emotional maturity promoting teamwork, leadership and competition through our house system.  We are determined that our students should be able to participate in as wide a range of activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh award up to and including the Gold award, World Challenge and student ambassador roles.  We have an extensive programme of enrichment before and after school including a wide variety of sports, performing arts and other activities and clubs.

The website and our regular newsletter, the Campion Way, should give you an insight into our school. However, a website can never be good enough to show all that we offer.  If you would like to see us in action just contact the school.

Ms Patricia Hammond