Welcome from the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

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Campion sixth form students are role models to the rest of the school and are encouraged to support throughout the school whenever possible.

Sixth Form students are given the opportunity to apply for numerous roles within the Student Leadership Team from Year 12 into Year 13, an amazing experience to add to your personal statement.

As Head Students, we aspire to act as role models to students throughout the school. Our position allows us to change the school experience of students not only in Sixth Form, but also throughout the entire school. As a student leadership team one of our main aims is ensuring Sixth Form stays integrated with the rest of the school, and the leadership team often assists in events within the rest of the school. We are actively creating new initiatives and events in Sixth Form to support with creating a welcoming and happy Sixth Form community.

Extra-curricular opportunities have also been an area of focus for this year's leadership team. We have many students in both Year 12 and 13 running clubs for Key Stage 3, including a dance club and a pride club. We have also had many students this year apply for the role of Wellbeing Ambassador, which involves online training and an opportunity to act as a bridge between students and teachers, and a friendly face to those in lower years.

Overall, we are proud to be students at Campion Sixth Form and take pride in our student leadership roles, aspiring to make an array of positive changes to the school.