16-19 Tuition Fund

16 to 19 Tuition Fund Statement of Intent 

We have received funding from the government to help to support students in post-16 education who have been impacted by the pandemic and had their learning disrupted.  The funds received will be available for the 2021-22 academic year. 

According to the guidance, schools are to use this funding for students who did not reach a 5 at GCSE in English or Maths and are now studying A Level subjects.  This will be used to support the students who this applies to. 

The funding will also be used for targeted support classes for the students Year 13 who have been impacted by lockdown and the pandemic, and will be used to support their current studies.

There will be 7 principles that will govern the tutorial sessions:

  1. Sessions will be in small groups of no more than 5 students. 

  2. The sessions will be run by a subject specialist. This may be from our own staff or outsourced where we do not have the appropriate support

  3. The sessions will focus on subject specific knowledge and skills

  4. The subjects chosen for tutoring will be subjects where the students are currently not making expected progress based on centre assessed exam performance and other assessment data 

  5. Tuition and additional support may be provided using blending learning i.e. face to face and virtual teaching. 

  6. Each session will be planned and structured with a topic or exam activity in mind so that it is as productive and targeted as possible.  

  7. Evidence will be kept of student attendance at the sessions and the progress they are making in light of this support.

Our Commitment 

Campion Sixth form is committed to ensuring the tuition fund is used in accordance with the Government’s guidance on the 16 to 19 tuition fund by: 

  • Producing this statement explaining how we will use the funding in line with guidance to prioritise support for disadvantaged students. 
  • Sharing this statement with Parents. 
  • Tracking the use of funding, including reference to the individual students that receive the support, the number of hours of tuition delivered and retain the necessary evidence of the tuition provided. 
  • Notify Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) of any unspent funding from this fund in order for it to be reclaimed