Anti-Bullying at Campion School


Campion School considers bullying behaviour to be something that is carried out several times on purpose.

We are a telling school and we want everyone to feel safe and confident enough to be able to share their concerns and we expect all bullying behaviour to be reported.

By stopping bullying behaviour within our school, we will be creating a better future for all.

What is Bullying?

All forms of bullying will be taken very seriously and the consequences for any forms of bullying behaviour will be dealt with severely,

Verbal:  Insults, name calling, threats and intimidation.

Indirect: Spreading nasty rumours, excluding someone from social groups

Physical: kicking, punching, hitting, taking belongings and an act of violence with intent to harm.

Cyberbullying: Tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated or otherwise targeted using any social media platform. Misuse of associated digital technology such as phone, cameras and video aids.

Reporting Bullying

There are Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in every year group including sixth form (see Anti-Bullying Board near KS3 canteen for current list of students)

As well as being able to report to staff, we have provided other ways to report bullying behaviour so that any incidences can be dealt with much quicker.

Text: 07983686480


Online reporting form:

Yellow post box – Situated under the Anti-Bullying board near the KS3 canteen.

By treating each other the way in which we would like to be treated we can learn together in a safe and happy environment. We are all unique and therefore have differences but we are all part of Campion School.

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