Health and Social Care


Statement of Intent

Through studying Health and Social Care, students will gain an understanding of how to care for individuals in health and social care environments and how humans develop from birth to older age. Through study of a wide range of settings in health, social care or early years; job roles, care practice and common conditions; experiences of individuals and some of the dilemmas that many individuals face are explored. Underpinning the course is an examination of care values and how to practically apply these to ensure the promotion of rights of individuals, health and wellbeing.

The Health and Social Care curriculum encourages and enables our students to become empathetic, compassionate and able to challenge discrimination and stereotypes and able to contribute to society in a positive way.  It challenges students to think abstractly, work collaboratively and apply their knowledge to practice.

Taught by subject specialists with experience in the field of Health and Social Care the course is designed so that units build upon each other and as the students grow in confidence through their success and knowledge, they embed their knowledge and put into practice what they have learnt.

Curriculum Map 


Health and social care is an option at key stage 5 and key stage 4. We follow the OCR Health and Social Care Cambridge National Certificate at Ks4 and OCR Cambridge Technical Certificate at Key stage 5

Health and social care has a positive impact on the outcomes of every student.

The course raises awareness of different needs of individuals in society and the range of services available. Throughout the course care values are embedded as well as skills in resilience, self-care and good health which can have life-long benefits on individuals and their families. Students also develop skills in time management, structuring arguments and literacy skills.

Career Opportunities

Health and Social Care careers

Head of Faculty

Mrs A. Wiseman