Business and Economics


Statement of Intent

“Helping out students demonstrate character by developing real world, enterprising, higher education and employability skills for tomorrow's leaders…..we support our students to achieve their full potential by equipping them with the essential knowledge needed to explore social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects through their learning….therefore enabling them to excel.”

Business and Economics contributes to the education offered at Campion School by giving our students the opportunity to develop their skills and explore a wider learning context. We learn about businesses from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, allowing our students to make well informed decisions, whether they hope to become an employee, a small business owner, a corporate executive or a Government official. We ensure our teaching allows us to create brilliant futures. We equip our students with essential knowledge about the profit motive, the functions of business, the wider business environment and the UK macro and micro economies as well as the World Economies.  

Curriculum map

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Key Stage 5

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Career Opportunities


Head of Business and Economics

Mrs C Kinsey