Statement of Intent

To help our students show character to become effective Global Citizens in today’s World…  We expect our students to achieve their full potential and acquire skills which will help them become equipped for adult life…as we achieve “success through respect, skills, learning AND achievement.”

Geography at Campion aims to raise global awareness of issues and concepts, thus enabling students to understand impacts at a range of scales from local to global.   Geography encourages empathy through the study of a range of places and social issues such as poverty, inequality and globalisation.    The subject allows students to keep abreast of current affairs and topical issues that cover social, economic environmental and political domains.   Geography gives students an understanding of how the natural world processes function and link, and the role that humans have in this and the importance of sustainability for all global citizens.

Geography equips students with a range of transferable skills such as numeracy such as interpretation of data and data collection, source analysis, evaluative and analytical skills.   These are excellent skills for any student to have.   Geography students in the ability to communicate effectively including the ability to form an argument for or against a said issue.  

Curriculum map

Learning journey Geography 2022-23 (A3)

Students who continue GCSE Geography will study the Edexcel B course. Those studying the A level study the Edexcel course. By studying these courses;

Students will have:

  • the ability to carry out an investigation – devising questions to test a hypothesis
  • the ability to interpret evidence and analyse data
  • the ability to evaluate
  • the ability to justify a decision by arguing a case and reasoning

By studying this subject students will:

  • develop social and environmental awareness
  • develop decision making skills involving environmental problems, management issues and locational decision making
  • consider values and develop critical thinking on a range of issues at a variety of scales
  • develop spatial awareness
  • develop analytical skills
  • develop problem solving skills
  • improve numeracy and literacy skills
  • develop computer skills
  • improve self management

Career Opportunities


Head of Geography

Mrs Z. Newbery