Sparx Reader

I am really pleased to be able to let you know about Sparx Reader; a reading program to help students complete personalised, focused and meaningful independent reading.  For students who find reading challenging, this should mean they can steadily work through books which provide challenge without being too hard.  For confident and competent readers, a variety of books will be offered to broaden their reading and very soon ‘gold’ status will be unlocked where they can choose their own book.
The expectation is that they will complete 50-60 mins of careful reading at home each week.  The homework will be completed when your child reaches 500 Sparx Reader Points on the system.  These are earned by careful reading and answer questions about what has been read.  Settings of font, size, and background colour can also be personalised.  A reminder will be set in the Google Classroom and usual the usual homework policy applied. 
The aim is for all students to read in line with their chronological age (i.e. a 16 year old can read at the expected level for a 16 year old) by Year 11 so they are able to access GCSE papers and be confident with their reading ability in the wider world. 
Any support you can give your child at home to support their reading is hugely beneficial.    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions about Sparx Reader or reading at Campion.
Nikki Evans
Sparx Reader Website