DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

DEAR Lessons
Students in Year 7-8 will have one hour of DEAR a fortnight.  This lesson purely focusses on reading.  The lessons will use a text as a basis for discussions and introduce new vocabulary as well as help students develop strategies for reading.   Some classes will have a ‘class reader’ to use as material for the discussion.  We want to inspire students to read, to help them enjoy a book, encourage them to confidently read out loud and to be able to discuss, predict and form opinions about what they read.  
DEAR Tutor Time
Thursday mornings during tutor period provide another opportunity for your child to read.  (If assembly or intervention sessions are on Thursday, it will be another day.) Please can you help make sure they bring a quiet reading book to school?
2pm Daily Read
Students will also need a book for the 2pm daily read.  This takes place across the school and in all lessons.