Handwriting at Campion

A big difference when students begin secondary school is that instead of one teacher getting used to their writing, multiple teachers need to be able to read their work.   Handwriting legibility is therefore crucial. 

Each student completes an initial handwriting sample sheet where we check the grip, time taken for the writing and how the hand feels at the end.  Their work is analysed by our trained intervention team and we decide who will benefit from extra handwriting support.

There are six different features we look at:

  • Size of letters
  • Shape of letters
  • Slope of letters
  • Space between words
  • Writing on the line
  • Joining letters

Where a student has shown difficulties in multiple areas, we follow up the initial sample with a meeting.  We discuss the writing with the students and score the work against the criteria listed above.  This enables us to identify areas for improvement and set clear priorities.  Intervention sessions might include handwriting warm up exercises, worksheets or focus on practising good grip and are planned to suit the needs of the individual. 

There is a lot of advice and free handwriting downloads on the internet to help should this be of interest.