How to support home learning


We appreciate that home learning has been thrust upon you, and us, by an unprecedented global crisis.

We were given very short notice to prepare and send learning resources home; teaching is a social process, and therefore can not rely on worksheets alone! We are doing the best we can to support you in keeping your children engaged whilst they are at home. We know many of you, like our staff,  are trying to juggle home learning with your own workload, and therefore formal assignments and deadlines are not being set by staff.  Your child will not fall behind; we will cover everything when we are all back together.

The attached sheet provides some guidance to creating a positive learning environment at home.The main priority here is to keep children engaged in the learning process daily, this is not about being proficient in all curriculum subjects.  Keep your children engaged in good learning habits where possible.

Behind the scenes we are revising our curriculum and planning a catch up strategy to ensure any gaps in knowledge are addressed.

Download the How to Support Home Learning sheet.